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2020 Roadmap to Freedom: How to Build a Source of Income on Amazon that You Control (Complete Step-by-Step Guide)

Mike McClary and Dan Ashburn

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Sunday, May 24st, 2020 at 1pm CST/2pm EST


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Tell me if this describes your life lately.

  • ​You’ve been clocking into work from home
  • ​Teaching mom how to use Zoom for family calls
  • ​Watching DIY tutorials on how to cut your own hair or fix a leaky faucet
  • ​Ordering everything from groceries to home goods online

You’ve been spending a lot of time and money online, but you’d like to start earning online.

Actually, you’ve concluded that you NEED to start earning online because having a job isn’t promised these days.

So far, 36.5 million people have filed for unemployment in the U.S. since mid-March.

Yet only 22.8 million Americans have actually received unemployment payments, so even benefits aren’t promised. 

With competition for jobs (and benefits) at historically high levels, now is the perfect time to learn how to start selling online.

Having your own online business gives you the freedom to work from home and earn an income YOU control.

If you’ve been dreaming about the day you become financially free, join us for an online workshop on Thursday, May 21st at 2pm CST.

During this LIVE ONLY training, you will learn:

  • ​The exact steps you need to take to launch your product and replace your income by January 2021
  • ​The two myths that hold most would-be-business-owners back, and how to defy them
  • ​How to pick a high-demand, high-profit product with low competition
  • ​Exactly how much cash you will need to start your business and when to invest in inventory (hint: you don’t need it all upfront)
  • ​The start-to-finish roadmap to run your Amazon business with deadlines to hold you accountable

There is no better time than today to start building your eCommerce business.

BONUS: Freedom Starter Kit for Attending

By attending this webinar, you’ll get access to the FREEDOM STARTER KIT, which contains... 

1. 20 product opportunities that are selling right now
2. Where to source them
3. How to write an Amazon listing that drives sales right out the gate.

PLUS, two lucky winners will each win a $100 Amazon gift certificate.
Freedom Starter Kit

There’s only one way to claim your roadmap to freedom in 2020:

Show up to the training

Mike McClary

Mike McClary is Chief Product Officer at and the co-creator of the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) course. ASM has helped thousands of entrepreneurs build profitable businesses selling products on Amazon. Mike has sold millions of dollars of his own products on Amazon through multiple successful businesses. He loves teaching entrepreneurs how to exceed to their highest potential.

Dan Ashburn

Dan Ashburn and his industry-leading team are responsible for delivering 8-figures in annual sales on Amazon. Operating in online marketing for 17 years, he is an international speaker, advisor, co-founder of SellerEvents, co-founder of Titan Network, head mentor on China Magic and more recently the co-creator of ASM.

If you’ve been dreaming about the day you become financially free, join us for an online workshop on Thursday, May 21st at 2pm CST.

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