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Marketing Calendar

About the Creators of this Powerful Template

Matt Clark

Matt is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Inc., the company that pioneered the Amazon FBA private label industry. Since 2012, Matt has sold over $200 million online. The people he’s taught have sold over $9 billion online so far. He’s been featured on Forbes, CNBC, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and more. His most recent ecommerce business has been on the Inc 500 list two years in a row, landing in the top 100 on the most recent list. This ecommerce brand has grown from $17,000 per month in sales in January of 2019 to over $2.5 million per month in November of 2021.

Mike McClary

Mike is the Chief Product Officer of Inc. and the President of Zoof, the fastest, easiest to use ecommerce software for Amazon sellers. Mike has sold millions of dollars worth of his own custom-branded products on Amazon. His brand was invited years ago to Vendor Central and is now purchased directly by Amazon. He’s taught tens of thousands of Amazon sellers how to increase their sales and profits.

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