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Questions? We're Here To Help
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"Rapidly Grow Your Brand's Sales by Adding New Profitable, Low Competition Products Without Doing Any Work!"

The fastest way to grow your brand’s sales is adding more products. Let us do all the product, competition, and supplier research for you so you can scale your brand hassle-free!

Want to know the secrets to the brands selling on Amazon that have scaled to $100,000 a month, $500,000 a month, even $1 million a month and more?

They have more products to sell.

Yep, that’s it.

The more products you have to sell on Amazon, the more sales you make. You have more products to sell to existing customers that have already bought from you.

Plus, each product you add is another source of customers who can buy your existing products. This is why sales grow so fast when you add the right products to your brand on Amazon.

Which Product Should You Add to Your Brand Next?

Amazon tells you, right?


Amazon gives you plenty of information on other related products you could sell...

  • "Frequently bought together"
  • "Sponsored products related to this item"
  • ​"What other items do customers buy after viewing"
  • "Customers who viewed this item also viewed"
If it was as easy as picking any product from one of those lists, brand expansion would be simple… but it’s not.
Here’s the right way to find your next best product to sell:
  • ​Create a list of 50-100 potential opportunities (some of these you can find using the lists mentioned above)
  • ​​Get rid of the products you’re already selling from the list
  • ​​Analyze the sales potential of each
  • ​​Analyze the competition level of each
  • ​​Find and negotiate with suppliers to get true pricing and minimum order quantity (MOQ) information for each
  • ​​Calculate the true profit potential to decide which products will add the most value to your business
  • ​​Narrow your list down to the one or more products you want to add to your brand
  • ​​Lastly, determine the best keywords to target so you can start making money fast from your new product

...No wonder most people stall out when it comes to adding more products to their brand to grow’s a lot of work!

But, fortunately for you, we have a solution…

Announcing: The Brand Expansion Package!

  • Skip the product research
  • ​​Skip contacting suppliers
  • ​Skip supplier negotiation
  • ​​​Skip competitor research
  • ​​Skip ​keyword research
  • ​​Skip profit calculation
We’ll do it all for you!

As a business owner, you can’t do everything. You need to focus on a few key things to grow your business.

Spending hours and hours scouring Amazon, doing back-and-forth with suppliers, and researching keywords is not the best use of your time.

We want to save you this time and do it for you.

We’ve put together a team of Amazon experts with tens of millions of dollars in combined Amazon selling experience.

They’ll do all of this for you so you don’t have to.

You reap the rewards of a rapidly growing brand making more profit - and one that’s far more valuable if you ever decide to sell it.

We call this the Brand Expansion Package.

Here's What you'll get:
  • You will have an in depth consultation with our expert Amazon team so that they have a full understanding of your brand story, the products you may or may not already sell and your financial goals
  • ​Based on the above the team will find you the perfect product opportunity to expand your brand
  • ​For the very best opportunity, we’ll create an entire Product Opportunity Package for you including:
  • A list of the best keywords to target for this product to rank on Amazon
  • An analysis of the competition's listings to help you differentiate and outsell your competitors
  • ​​​Full product opportunity details including: Suggested selling price, estimated profit, estimated cost, supplier pricing, and minimum order quantity (MOQ)
  • ​​​Supplier contact information and pricing from multiple hand-selected suppliers, including an email template to use when contacting them
  • Product Listing Optimization recommendations regarding Images, Title, Bullet points and Product Description
  • ​A Next Steps document so you know how to keep moving forward
SPECIAL BONUS: We’re doing everything we can to make sure you succeed when you get your Brand Expansion Package.

You even get access to a private Facebook Group only for package owners, to get support relating to product sourcing from three hand-picked Amazon experts with over 20 years combined experience.

They'll even jump in a private one-on-one chat with you to help you with any product sourcing roadblocks until you're able to move forward!

We know finding more products to sell is a massive pain point - and opportunity - for existing Amazon sellers.

If you were to hire someone full-time to do this work, even with a fraction of the experience of our team of experts, the cost would easily run you $10,000 to $20,000.

However, because the team we’ve put together is focused on only this, we can give you a much better deal.

The normal price for the Brand Expansion Package is the rock-bottom deal of just $4,997.

However, we want NOTHING to stand in your way to give this a try. So for the first 5 people only, you can get everything listed above including with the Brand Expansion Package for just $3,997 ($1,000 OFF)!

Just one extra product in your brand can add $500,000 or more in sales to your business.

Let us do all the work so you can grow your brand - and your profits - as fast as possible.

*The claims presented on our website are not represented as predictions or forecasts that anyone who joins will experience success. Concerning future performance or results, no guarantee of any kind is implied. Individual results will vary depending on many factors outside our control, including the degree of effort made by each individual and the time, skill and ability they can devote to the business. Although these claims are truthful statements about results obtained by our customers, the results obtained by our customers are not necessarily typical. Some customers have little to no profit.
**Individual(s) has a financial relationship with LLC and/or other Amazing legal entities


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